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Tokyo Network

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Tokyo Network

Tokyo Network





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metropolitan area network (MAN) A network intermediate between a local area network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN); the term was originally used to refer to a network serving a single town or district. There are no formal rules to determine whether a given network should be classified as a LAN, MAN, or WAN, and the differences lie as much in their style of organization as in their technology or geographical or physical size.

Tokyo network may either be operated as a joint activity by a number of separate organizations, which may set up a jointly owned enterprise to operate the MAN, or it may be operated by a company that specializes in the operation of networks and acts as a managing agent on behalf of the organizations that require the MAN. Tokyo network interconnects the LANs of the organizations that operate the MAN, but may also provide immediate connection to the MAN for organizations that do not operate their own internal LAN.

Tokyo network of Japan and of Tokyo prefecture, E central Honshu, at the head of Tokyo Bay. The Tokyo-Yokohama Tokyo network metropolitan area is the world's most populous metropolitan area, with over 28,000,000 people. Tokyo proper consists of an urban area divided into wards, a county area with farms and mountain villages, and the Izu Islands stretching to the S of Tokyo Bay. Tokyo prefecture (1990 pop. 11,854,987), is governed by a popularly elected governor and assembly. The wards and other subsidiary units of the city have their own assemblies.

The Tokyo network administrative, financial, educational, and cultural center of Japan and a major industrial hub surrounded by numerous suburban manufacturing complexes. Tokyo is also one of the world's most important cities in terms of economic power and influence, and it serves as the corporate and communications. Tokyo Networking, Internet Access, Tokyo Japan Internet Services, Tokyo, Website Hosting, Internet Services for Tokyo Japan.

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